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Sree Siddaganga Math with a recorded history of 600 years is located at a distance of 63 Km from Bangalore on Bangalore – Pune National Highway. Sree Siddaganga Education Society has established more than 130 schools and colleges mostly in rural areas providing education to nearly 45,000 students. The most difficult and meaningful institution is Siddaganga Gurukula (residential education complex) at Sree Siddaganga Math where more than 9000 poor children are provided with free food, shelter and education without any discrimination of caste, creed or sex. The education complex consists of Pre- primary, Primary, higher Primary, high School, Sanskrit College, a school for the blind and a school for the spastic children

The head of Sree Siddaganga Math is Dr. Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji who was initiated into the holy order in the year 1930. When he assumed full responsibility of the Math in 1941 after his Guruji Sree Sree Uddana Swamiji attained his heavenly abode, the strength of Gurukula was only about 200. There was  no educational institution other than the Sanskrit School in Math premises. It is shear hard and devoted work of His Holiness that has brought the Math to its present stature.

His Holiness has completed 100 years of his valuable life on April 1st 2008. His Excellency Dr.AP.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India visited the Siddaganga Math to inagurate the 100th birthday celebrations of His Holiness (April 2007).

His Holiness


Present Head of Sree Siddaganga Math

Dr. Abdul Kalam spoke about his participation in Sree Swamiji 100th birthday Celebrations when he addressed the Indian Parliament in New Delhi on May 10,2007 (occasion : 150th Anniversary of the Indian First of War Independence). He said “ His Holiness Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamiji of Sree Siddaganga Math of Tumkur is an example of spreading the message of giving. He has been on a tireless mission of socio-economic development and eradication of inequalities in education. He saw education and alleviation of hunger among the masses as an effective means to enrich human capacity which in turn would contribute to national reconstruction. His Holiness Swamiji has followed the footprints of his Guru of providing free boarding home to the students which is now serving the needs of over 9,000 students. In addition, about 2000 visitors to the Math are also provided with food. During the last seven decades Swamiji the founder of well over hundred and thirty educational institutions ranging from nursery to institutions of technology, pure science, arts , management, vocational and performing arts. On this happy occasion, a message of Giving came to my mind celebrating Swamiji’s contribution, I composed and recited a poem which I would like to share with you:


Dr.AP.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India greeting  Sree Swamiji on his 100th  Birthday

 Radiating message on Giving

O my fellow citizens,

In giving, you receive happiness,

In Body and Soul

You have everything to give.

If you have knowledge, share it

If you have resources, share them with the needy.

Use your mind and heart,

To remove the pain of the suffering,

And, cheer the sad hearts.

In giving, you receive happiness

Almighty will bless all your actions.


I have come across many incidents where people have, Irrespective of their normal professional affiliations, Have come forward for great societal missions by giving. Our education system should lay the foundation among the young for evolving a conflict free, happy life resulting in an attitude of giving and giving. Let this tribe of citizens grow and grow". 


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